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Horse Etiquette Horse Etiquette

Etiquette should be taught to every rider from the first step up into the stirrup, but…..it is not. I took a couple out riding and it was all I could do to keep his wife’s horse from running away with her. When I finally got ” the cowboy” under control I let him know he would not be allowed to ride at the barn because he was inconsiderate and dangerous. Several days later he came back and asked why. In all the years riding with people he was the only one that asked. When I was describing what he did wrong his wife’s eyes went wide and she exclaimed, “ That is why my horses always ran away with me!” Horse Etiquette - There is really not much to it: 1. On a group ride the speed and terrain is selected to match the skills of the most inexperience rider, or horse. 2. If you want to trot or canter off from the group tell everyone what you are doing BEFORE you do it. 3. When a rider dismounts, no one rides on until they are remounted, feet in stirrups and reins in hand. 4. Be aware of the spacing of your steeds. Don’t crowd or let a rider too far behind causing their horse to race to catch up. 5. Going through a wooded area? Warn the rider behind of the branch you are going to let fly! 6. If you open a gate. Close it. Please take a few minutes to add to the list and let’s pass it on. Thanks

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Were your horses cold this morning? Were your horses cold this morning?

Are your horses healthy? In that case all you need to do is worm them. Next morning they will not be cold. Is there a layer of ice across their top line? Don’t take it off. Under that ice is a dead air space that is keeping them warm. Did you know that horses can increase the blood flow to their legs? It keeps their legs from freezing in the cold. Did you know that horse can increase the flow of blood in their lungs? That is how come they can run and not burn their lungs.

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Post PDF's on Horsetalk Rocks Post PDF's on Horsetalk Rocks

Horsetalk Rocks now lets you post PDF’s. Use it post your Premiums, Membership Applications, Show . Use Horsetalk Rocks to post your information to all social medias and it is legible! Give your group a leg up!

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Hoses drain themselves when you fill tanks Hoses drain themselves when you fill tanks

Take an old hose and tie it low on your fence, buildings, trees, making sure the angle goes up from where you are going to hook the water hose. After you reach a high point start tying the old hose so it angles down to above your water tank. Put a quick connect on the end of all the hoses you have wired up to your individual tanks. When you disconnect the main hose the water drains into the water tank and back out the other end. You can go from tank to tank and you will only have the one hose to drain. This makes it easy to fill tanks in the summer too. No going thru gates. Horses are not pulling the hose out of the tanks when you are filling them.

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Colic Colic

Its Colic - - - KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN When Days are warm and nights are cold. The horses drinking patterns are starting to change and because of this about 80% of the years colic will happen now. If you catch colic early it’s not a big problem but if you wait you are putting your horse in danger. If this is your first colic season here is what you look for. - If your horse rolls, gets up, shakes, and dust flies off – he is fine. If he shakes and no dust flies it is because there is a sheet of sweat close to his skin. Something is WRONG. - If your horse is acting different it could be there is something WRONG. - If your horse slows down eating, there is something WRONG. - If your horse is biting at his side, there is something WRONG. - If your horse is kicking at his belly, there is something WRONG. - If your horse is ringing or snapping his tale, there is something WRONG Give your horse a shot of banamine and get some Mineral Oil in him. If you try and help your horse and there is really nothing wrong it won’t hurt him at all. Sooooooo take a chance and help him! - If your horse is down and rolling and won’t stay on his feet CALL THE VET and keep the horse walking. - If your horse is dirty, dirt is sticking to him, sweating, CALL THE VET and keep the horse walking. - If it is a weekend and you want to wait until Monday to save monies your horse may die. If you horse is this bad you may not want to give him banamine. The Vet needs to see “all” his symptoms to treat him as best he can. For new owners: Get yourself prepared. Your vet should be willing to give you one dose of banamine to keep on hand. He will also teach you how to use it. You should keep several jars of Mineral Oil on hand at all times! Six is a good number. Some horse like mineral oil, some don’t. You can pour as much as you think you horse will tolerate on his favorite food and see if he will eat it. If not put some in a syringe (no needle of course) and squirt a small amount in his mouth, holding his chin up, until he swallows. Do it until you get a goodly amount in him. Thanks for reading www.horsetalk.rocks Barn Learning Notes. These are just a few things I have learned taking care of and breeding horses for the years. Remember that your Vet is your best resource. Use him, learn from him, and don’t let your horse hurt him! Connie Sue

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