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Miniature colt for sale. Miniature colt for sale.

Shockanawe, miniature colt for sale. Three years old. The smartest horse on property. He can con every horse on property and convince them that he is a baby because he is small. Because of this all the horses will share their feed with him. He all personality and will con you too. Would make a fun trick horse. Loads into your car with ease.

Mini Colt, Mini For Sale, Miniature Horse, Miniature Sale Horse, Sale Horse $225.00 USD
Horse Feeder - Stand Alone Horse Feeder - Stand Alone

. It is 36” from floor to feeder then the hay rack is 43” tall. The feeder is 5 ft across and the hay rack is 43” across. It is very steady, the horses never pulled it over. There are drain holes around the feeder so it does not collect standing water.

Feeder, Horse Feeder $75.00 USD
Miniature Horse Chariot, Red Miniature Horse Chariot, Red

Can be used with two or four horse hitch. You need to pick it up or pay for shipping.

Chariot, Horse Chariot, Miniature Chariot $250.00 USD
Miniature Horse Chariot  Blue Miniature Horse Chariot Blue

Miniature Horse Chariot. Can be use two horse or four horse hitch. You will need to pick it up or pay for shipping. If you are are close we could probably help with the delivery.

Chariot, Mini Chariot, Miniature Horse Char $250.00 USD
Part time mucker wanted Part time mucker wanted

Need help for one to two hours a week cleaning pens for a herd of miniature horses. If you want to play with the horses they may be possible. Drop us a line.

Mini, Mucker, Parttime Job $0.00 USD
I want a miniature driving horse

I am looking for a miniature horse that drives. Any sex is fine. Needs some road experience. Quiet and good with kids.

Diving Horse, Mini Horse $0.00 USD
Dawg House Ranch / Miniature Horses / Santa Fe, NM Dawg House Ranch / Miniature Horses / Santa Fe, NM

Breeding miniature horses in Santa Fe, NM. Any one interested in the mini is welcome to contact us. No purchase required. We always have some horses for sale. All horses purchased here come with at least a year of lessons and support for the new owner.

Amha, Horse Lessons, Little Horses, Mini Horses, Miniature Horses, Ponies $0.00 USD
Miniature Colt for sale Miniature Colt for sale

AMHA miniaure Black and white colt Born May 2014. A people horse Arabian head. Correct in all ways. Price is variable to a good home.

Amha, Mini, Miniature Horse $550.00 USD
Miniature Horse Breeding Hobbles

Never been used. Nylon. Shipped by Priority Mail.

Breeding Hobble, Mini Breeding Hobble, Miniaute Horse $15.00 USD
Red Wagon Needs Home Red Wagon Needs Home

We have a two horse wagon (ponies) 4 horse hitch for minis. We do not have a barn and it is getting weathered. We are looking for a good home for it. Needs some restoration because of the weather. Please don't let it rot away. Take it home! Make an offer!!!

Wagon $225.00 USD
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